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  ● Product design, material procurement, installation and other work products must strictly follow the "ISO 9001" standard and logistics industry standard for control;
  ● All the technical drawings must be signed by the customer for the purchase of raw materials and equipment manufacturing, and other work;
  ● All products must be provided by the customer in accordance with the standards and the standards of our company strictly enforced.
  ● Product durability:Product acceptance from the day, as a result of product quality problems caused the accident, I received a phone company in 48 hours to send professional maintenance staff to the scene to repair, and the losses caused by its compensation;
  ● Because the incident was caused by man-made, I still responsible for the maintenance companies, but users reasons causing the losses and maintenance costs from users themselves.
  ● To be determined by the consumer's actual situation.
  Service Cente
  The process of service delivery:
Customers shelves and the need to place the specific parameters;
KANELSON Come and discuss with clients placed in the shelf measurement;
KANELSON According to the actual engineering design parameters produce computer drawings that the overall layout of the shelves are side elevation, product plans accessories, installation plans and programs;
Customers pay in the program to discuss with any changes and continue to revise until the review through 2000;
The certification program, signed supply contracts with customers, and once again placed on the site to verify the shelf.
KANELSON Availability and the contractual responsible for the installation;
The completion of the contract,KANELSON product after-sales maintenance stage;
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